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  • What are the varieties of body butter that you carry?
    Our Shea Butter Body Cream comes in unscented, with fragrance, with shimmer or with both. If you don't want fragrance, or if you want frangrance, but no shimmer, please specify when you place your order. You will receive all of the benefits of the natural ingredients, with extras. Our shimmer is made from a natural mineral and is seen when you are in natural light, such as being outdoors in the sun. Depending on the potency of the shimmer, it may change the color of the body butter, however, it will not stain your clothing. For those who prefer the unscented version, your body butter will have a milk white appearance. Available fragrances are: Island Hibiscus, Lavender, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Eucayptus/Mint, Three Kings (gold, frankincense & myrrh) Rosemary/Ylang Ylan & Lemongrass. Available shimmer colors are: Gold, Red & Snow White.
  • Can I special order my body butter?
    You sure can. We aim to please, so if you don't see your favorite essential/fragrance oil, please message us and will we do our very best to get just for you.
  • What is the shelf life of your body butters?
    Our shea butter has a 24 months shelf life, while our cocoa butter can last two to five years.
  • Can my body butter melt in extremly high temperatures?
    Yes, since our body butters are made from all natural shea, cocoa butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil, and beezwax, and does not contain any chemical preservatives, it will melt if you leave it outside in 80 degree weather in your car or t the beach. It will be fine if you keep your home temperature at below 80 degrees.
  • What is the suggested application of your body butters?
    Our body butter is best applied on damp skin, preferably when you first come out of the shower.
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